Keyboards typically contain keys for playing the twelve notes. The longer seven natural notes these keys were traditionally covered in ivory they are often called the white notes or white keys. The keys for the remaining five notes because these keys receive less wear, are often made of black colored wood and called the black notes or black keys


The guitar is classified as a chordophone. In this, the sound is produced by a vibrating string stretched between two fixed points. The sound of the guitar is projected either acoustically or amplified by an electronic pickup and an amplifier.

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The drum is a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Drums are the world’s oldest musical instruments. The basic design has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. A wide variety of sticks are used, including wooden sticks and sticks with soft beaters of felt on the end. Drums are often used in music therapy, especially hand drums, because of their tactile nature.


The violin, sometimes known as a fiddle, is a wooden chordophone. This is most commonly played by drawing a bow across its strings. They are most prominent both in ensembles and as solo instruments. The components of a violin are usually made from different types of wood.

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Music Theory

Music theory is the study of the possibilities of music. Music theory is frequently concerned with describing how musicians and composers make music, including tuning systems and composition. Music theory as a practical training includes the techniques and concepts composers and other musicians use in creating music.

Music Production

where you can explore the basics of sound, acoustics, audio production techniques, taking you through the high ends of operation in both studio and live sound. 

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