Music Production


This 1-year course of music production where you explore the basics of sound, acoustics, audio production techniques, taking you through the high ends of operation in both studio and live sound. This course of music production covers arranging, programming, and sound designing. the particle which we provide makes you understand about the various digital audio workstations software’s and working in a professional studio environment and live events.


  • Eligibility any higher secondary (10th, +2) graduate
  • Passion for audio and aspiration of becoming an audio professional
  • willingness to explore 7 develop his/her creative  technical skills


  • The academy has a state of the art studio with the sound proofed & acoustically treated room
  • The studio set up is equipped with latest DAW setup and industry standard reference audio speakers
  • Digital and analog mixing console along with outdoor gears for live events 


  • Individual attention
  • Complete access to the equipments
  • Dedicated time from the faculty
  • Effective mixing
  • Creating unique sounds 
  • Produce like a professional

Audio Engineering

One who do a recording or a live performance, balancing and adjusting sound sources using  dynamics processing, equalization, and audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound.


studio engineering is to learn Skills of industrial standards, you acquire all the knowledge in routing, recording, mixing, and plugin processing.


DAW is to cover the depth knowledge and training about the professional software for recording and mixing


live sound reinforcement is to learn about the how-to stage live events and gigs, the skills required to design, build and operate professional sound systems, FOH, MOH, backline technician support, tour management, and live recording and learn how to handle Learn to handle analog and digital mixers.